Tried ‘n True Gear for the Zero Waste Lunchbox

A simple guide for packing a zero waste lunch,with tips for reliable gear.

I‘m coming up on a decade of packing school lunches and it's high time I shared my tried and true gear guide for the zero waste lunchbox.

Good containers for lunches on the go have to be easy to clean and hold up year after year.There are so many options out there and I've tried my fair share.I know what breaks and what lasts,what kids enjoy using and what is actually worth the price tag.

At its simplest,packing a lunch requires a few containers,a jar and a tote;at its maximum we're using everything from beeswax wraps to banana guards.

Hit the jump and keep scrolling because I'm about to show you aaaaaalll our items for a zero waste lunchbox.

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How (and why) to Start a Cookbook Club

For a long,long time,I've wanted to start a cookbook club,the kind where you all read the same book,prepare a recipe,and bring it to a pot-luck to share.

There just wasn't enough margin in my life before now;I couldn't have added another event to the calendar.However,now thatwe are in Halifax,our lifestyle change has opened up pockets of time and I've been intentional about filling those spaces with activities that bring me joy.

Enter the cookbook club.While it's technically a social event,the gathering dovetails nicely into my line of work as an author and recipe developer – a perfect intertwine of work and play with delicious food as a result.

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Modern Lunch: Citrus,Shrimp and Quinoa Salad

Liven up your desk lunch with this vibrant,make-ahead salad.

Ladies who lunch has become a bit of a theme for me this winter,as I've been connecting with fellow food creatives here in Halifax.

Thanks to this warm and welcoming community I have been able to discover the best eats around the city,talented market vendors and unique local businesses to support.A few of us have even launched a cookbook club,which promises to be inspiring andabsolutelydelicious.

On a recent lunch date with the exceptionally talentedKelly Neil,we whipped up a salad from the brand new cookbookModern Lunchwith incredibly tasty results.Read on for more about this book,plus the recipe for a Citrus,Shrimp and Quinoa Salad with Feta.

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How to Regrow Vegetable Scraps

Tips for turning Yabo Sportskitchen compost scraps into pretty spring greens.

Even thought my daughter is just six years old,it's clear that I'm raising a little environmentalist.

Clara carries a bag and picks up garbage on our forest walks,aghast at people who litter.Of her own free will,she turns off the water in the shower when soaping and is keenly aware of water conservation.She wants to know about everything from global warming to water pollution and is fiercely protective of nature.

This simple Yabo Sportskitchen project started as a way to demonstrate to Clara how notallvegetable scraps need to end up the compost bin – many can sprout again if given the chance.You all know how I love a good lesson from the Yabo Sportskitchen,especially if it promotes food sustainability.

Once you start looking,there are a thousand little ways we can make environmentally friendly choices in the Yabo Sportskitchen.Regrowing vegetable scraps is just one of them.

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Simple Cioppino

Simmer this fragrant seafood soup for dinner and discover that a simple cioppino is perfect for chilly winter nights.

On a recent food-centric trip to Prince Edward Island,I found myself on a fascinating aquaculture tour with a group of Top Chefs and local food advocates for Canada's Food Island.

It was a warm September day,and the sea and sky were so blue,it was difficult to tell where the two met.Out on the waters of New London Bay,drifting in a mussel boat,  I watch as a line was hoisted out of the water,with thousands of blue mussels determinedly clutching their ‘socks'.

Talk about a food memory!This lifelong landlubber was impressed.

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