A Royal Tea Party and Vanilla Cream Scones

We never need a reason to throw a tea party,但如果你想找个借口,next week offers two prime occasions: Mother's Day on Sunday and the Royal Wedding the following Saturday.

在五一庆典上,期待即将到来的皇家婚礼,上周,我和几个朋友合作举办了一个很棒的户外茶会。Local food photographerAlisonwas there to capture it all on camera,which meant I could sit down,pour tea and serve cake.

If that sounds ideal,更确切地说是;and I hope these images inspire you to invite a troop of tea drinkers over and bake a batch of vanilla cream scones for the party.


May is a month of celebrations – we have a Mother's Day,a long weekend,and our wedding anniversary (coincidentally on the same day as Harry and Meghan's wedding).通常在5月会有一场婚礼或婴儿送礼会,或者是主人,下午茶是一种很有趣的方式来纪念这些特殊的场合。

我和我的朋友在上面的宣传(装饰和清理,too) which meant no one was saddled with preparations,我们可以一起坐下来放松。

英国出生Kerrie(I've talked about her before!) made sure our menu was tip-top with mini Yorkshire pudding,stuffed with roast beef and horseradish,以及最神奇的加冕鸡肉三明治。玛格丽塔,our Italian friend,sweetened up the tea with her delicate panna cotta and flawless coconut macaroons.

It's no secret that I adore setting a pretty tea table and makingtiny finger sandwiches.Remember the time I threw an下午茶聚会为了我妹妹的婴儿送礼会?庆祝我的新侄子是一种有趣的方式,也是烘烤各种美食的完美借口。

And on ourtrip to London去年五月我们在亭子里的橘园肯辛顿宫周围有美丽的正式花园。梦幻和令人难忘的。

我有机会再去参加茶会,I'm there with my pinky up.

我一再强调,你不必拥有一套配套的菜肴,也不必购买茶具来摆一张漂亮的桌子。Mismatched cups and saucers are adorable (and trendy right now,说实话)。

I would recommend laying a neutral background,such as a cream or off-white tablecloth,然后用一些新鲜的花或天然的绿色植物装饰它。After that,拿出花菜,a tea pot and stemware.找到你最漂亮的餐巾,打开几罐果酱。

I popped into my local antique shop,just to look,of course,在前面找到了伊丽莎白女王和菲利普亲王的老式饼干罐。谈论皇家茶的完美之选!它为我们的卑微活动增添了一种帝王的气息,让我们觉得离皇宫更近了一点。

老式罐头,cake stands,你祖母的古董拼盘……所有这些都给茶几增添了一种轻松的优雅。

But we need to talk about these scones!

所以当我计划afternoon tea baby shower我继续寻找“完美的烤饼”。我收集了奈杰拉·劳森和多莉·格林斯潘等名人的食谱,以及《美味佳肴》和《杰米》等杂志。yabo2018体育下载最后,the recipe came to me in an issue of Saveur.

Saveur featured an interview with London baker Claire Ptak and ran her recipe forSweet Cream Scones,安美式烤饼on English soil.我试了一下菜谱,被迷住了。这就是我一直在寻找的那个。Fluffy and flakey,足够潮湿,and not too sweet.Best of all,light as a feather.

如果克莱尔·普塔克这个名字听起来很熟悉,这可能是因为她最近在皇室婚礼的聚光灯下(轻描淡写)。Apparently Meghan Markle called up Claire at her Hackney bakery,Violet,让她做他们的结婚蛋糕。好了!看到了吗,我们要绕圈子来参加这个茶会?

我做了一次又一次的烤饼,有细微的变化。切碎的黑巧克力是孩子们最喜欢的添加;currants or fat raisins are traditional.

But my absolute favourite version is with both vanilla bean paste and a splash of pure vanilla extract.它给烤饼和厨房都带来了香味,并与果酱搭配,形成了一道与众不同的烤饼Yabo Sports。这是我今天分享的菜谱,因为每个人在他们的烘焙节目中都应该有一个经典的奶油烤饼。

These scones freeze very well,所以你得提前准备好母亲节的一批食物。You can thank me later.


完美的烤饼,清淡的黄油味,是下午茶的理想选择。Slightly adapted from Claire Ptak via Saveur Magazine.
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课程: Breakfast & Brunch
Cuisine: American
Essential Ingredient: vanilla
Prep Time: 30 分钟
Cook Time: 二十 分钟
Total Time: 50 分钟
一份: 二十四 烤饼
卡路里: 220 千卡
作者: 艾梅


  • 杯子 organic all-purpose flour plus more for rolling
  • 1/2 cup 有机蔗糖
  • TBSP。 baking powder
  • 1/2 茶匙 fine sea salt
  • 十四 Tablespoons 无盐黄油 冷藏
  • 2 1/2 杯子 重奶油 冷藏
  • 1 茶匙 pue vanilla extract
  • 1/2 茶匙 vanilla seed paste 可选择的
  • 1 large egg lightly beaten


  • In a large bowl,whisk the flour with the sugar,发酵粉,and salt.在磨碎机的大边上,grate the cold butter into the flour.Then,用指尖,把黄油迅速擦到面粉里,直到它变成豌豆大小的碎块。
  • 加入香草和香草糊,如果使用,to the cream and pour it over the flour.Stir with a fork until the dough just comes together.
  • Scrape the dough onto a lightly floured work surface and,using lightly floured hands,把它变厚,flat block.Let rest for 5 minutes.
  • 把面团对折(就像合上一本书)。再次压入一个平面块,然后再休息5分钟。
  • Using a rolling pin,flatten the dough block until it's 1-inch thick.Using a 1 ⅞-inch-round cutter,把面团切成圆形,然后转移到羊皮纸内衬的烤盘上。间隔2英寸。Press the scraps of dough together and re-cut more scones.把烤盘放进冰箱,冷冻烤饼20分钟。
  • Heat the oven to 400°F.Remove the scones from the freezer and,用糕点刷,在每个烤饼的顶部轻轻刷上一些打好的鸡蛋。
  • 烤烤饼,旋转一半,直到玫瑰和金棕色,about 20 minutes.Transfer the baking sheets to a rack and let the scones cool slightly.Serve warm with jam and butter.




All images courtesy of Alison Slattery of两名食品摄影师.Thanks,艾丽森!


Cooking has always been Aimée's preferred recreational activity,creative outlet,放松的源泉。After nearly ten years in the professional cooking industry,她从餐馆到RSS,用钳子和木块换饼干刀和笔记本电脑,在这里担任编辑Yabo Sports.她的第一本书,棕色鸡蛋和果酱罐-厨房简单食物的家庭食谱Yabo Sportsyabo2018体育下载Yabo Sports,于2015年2月出版。




  1. 完美的时机!我昨晚只是在想我需要一个好的烤饼食谱。These will be perfect to enjoy while watching the Royal wedding!

  2. 王玉英

    谢谢艾美的这个食谱。The mother's day Sunday will be my 49 birthday and even though I can't help making my favorite brownie for the occasion,I will also add this scone recipe for an afternoon pickup.It means I need to work out really hard in the morning

    If you have any idea on the main dishes,请启发。

    请告诉我们你将如何庆祝母亲节。Happy Spring

  3. 百胜!!!!当然是做出来的,艾米!谢谢你的启发!但问题是:如果我们提前到母亲节,我们把它们冻住了吗?活动当天,烤到一定时间?

    • 母亲节快乐,塞西利亚!
      所以你可以两者兼得。To keep it simple,为什么不把它们一路烤(好好享受一下),然后在母亲节时把它们冷冻起来呢?Just have Jordan reheat them in a 300F oven for 10 minutes or until they are warm through.

  4. 这个食谱完美地体现了我小时候奶奶过去常开茶会吃烤饼的感觉。
    Thank you for bringing that old feeling back,keep up the good work xx

  5. Holy moly Aimée!这就是我所说的茶会!


  6. looks so delicious!And these photos make me so envious!我宁愿去参加茶会也不愿意工作。/继续做好工作。

  7. 苏珊·克劳福德

    They look amazing!Can't wait to make these for all my friends on christmas!